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Dr. Amanda Kirzner

At Accelerated Weight Solutions our mission is to help people achieve their ideal health through evidence-based medical weight loss. Our program focuses on helping you lose weight safely and sustainably by addressing all of the underlying factors contributing to your weight gain. 

My name is Dr. Amanda Kirzner, I am a double board certified physician in obesity medicine and anesthesiology. I also hold a Master’s in Public Health in Health Policy and Management. I have had great expertise in weight loss, and most recently authored the chapter on obesity in The Manual of Clinical Anesthesiology. I have also authored many additional publications, and serve as a physician advisor to ensure that Medicare beneficiaries are getting quality care in America. I am passionate about helping others achieve their best self, both inside and out. I strive to maintain genuine and unique relationships with my patients, and will spend time to teach and educate all of my patients about their different options for weight loss.

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